Trials of The Mind featuring Sasha’s Trial (film) (2015)


An applied narrative to improve public understanding of clinical research on dementia and mental illness, and encourage people to take part in health studies. The story revolves around two characters amalgamated from real-life accounts: 16-year old Sasha, struggling with anxiety, and her Grandad, living with dementia.



Short film (32 mins)
Written by Ravi Thornton
Mentee writer Jack Hart
Directed by John Grey
Performed by Molly Lambert and John Smeathers
Scored by Victoria Hume
Produced by Ziggy’s Wish
Supported by Clinical Research Network Greater Manchester



Clinical Research Impact HSJ Award 2015 (shortlisted)



Alan Miles, Dementia activist and writer, Ctrl+Alz+Shift: Response to Sasha’s Trial the Film

The film was even more powerful than the theatre performance. Obviously it’s different; close-ups of people, and being able to read the emotions on their faces in a way that you can’t really in the theatre. It was powerful. I think it moved everyone in the audience to tears. I want everybody to see it. Many people don’t really understand what dementia is like. This is as powerful a representation of dementia as I’ve seen.

I loved the positive end. The problem is that much of what people read about dementia or see about dementia is bleak, and we need to show those positive sides as well; that even at the later part of the story it’s not the end. There can still be new adventures, there can still be explorations. The way you leave the film feeling tremendously moved, it’s very sad, but there’s a little bit of optimism in there.