HOAX Psychosis Blues (2014)



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Jon Turner, Your Days Are Numbered, Issue 9: The foundation of this deeply personal project lies in a series of poems written by the late Rob and tied together into a loose biographical narrative by sister Ravi Thornton, which is an accompaniment to her similarly titled musical. HOAX is a poignant rendering and lovingly assembled graphic, and charts his struggle with schizophrenia, but not in a linear narrative order as such, more from the different emotions experienced through Rob’s mental state. The nine poems are illustrated by a list of artists that read like a who’s who of British indie publishing royalty; Hannah, Berry, Karrie Fransman, Julian Hanshaw, Rian Hughes, Mark Stafford, and Bryan Talbot. As expected with an ensemble as strong and varied, the results are extreme. One page we revel at Hughes stylish work on ‘Wallflower’, while on the next we wince at Stafford’s beautifully eerie paranoia tinged interpretation of ‘Roach Psychiatry’. Hoax acts as both a vehicle for expressing Ravi’s obvious feelings for her brother, and a powerful window showing the plight of a schizophrenic sufferer. A bold and necessary piece of storytelling indeed.

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Jenny Neary, Mental health sufferer: HOAX Psychosis Blues. When I read “HOAX Psychosis Blues” by Ravi Thornton, I found it incredibly eye-opening and breathtakingly beautiful. Suffering from mental health issues myself, I know that there isn’t a lot of literature around about mental health problems, and the experiences of those suffering, but it’s an important tool that should be used more to educate people on these kinds of issues, and I feel like this wonderful graphic novel will contribute to that. The way that many artists have worked together to show their own interpretation on the poems and the protagonist’s feelings have worked very well to create such a moving and inspiring graphic novel, which many people from all backgrounds and situations will be able to appreciate. Rob’s poetry, which fits so well into the novel alongside the artwork, is used in such a way to make it a very personal account, and this will hopefully remind readers that real people are in similar situations. Each section is individually crafted, and it is both the beautiful artwork and amazing poetry that compliment each other so well which leaves an impression on the reader, and it is this which is most important of all, as this touching novel will hopefully help many people begin to understand the severity of mental health problems, and make many realise that they are not alone.

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