HOAX Our Right to Hope (2017)


A choose-you-own-pathway, gamebook style storyapp, designed to house the clinical/scientific study key to The HOAX Project whilst cohering that study with the pure storytelling of the stage musical and graphic novel.



Applied narrative storyapp
Written by Ravi Thornton
Mentee writer
Laura Harper
Illustrator Andrew Chiu
Composer Minute Taker
Developer Cubus Games
Publisher Ziggy’s Wish
Supported by Arts Council England and Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
Accompanied by the dark stage musical HOAX My Lonely Heart (2017) and graphic novel HOAX Psychosis Blues



National Lottery Good Causes 2018 (finalist)
National Lottery Good Causes 2017 (nominated)
Arts Councils England Strategic Touring Programme 2016 (awarded)



Mental health nurse.

“I’ve a feeling this is a model that other people might want to use for other things because of its immersive quality. You’ve invested in Rob already if you’ve done the app. You’ve got some thoughts about this person and his friends because it’s earlier on before the events of the play. And obviously the graphic novel is after, so you get really involved in it.”