HOAX My Lonely Heart (2017)


Further developed as part of the 2015-18 HOAX Project, this reworking of the 2014 musical stage script more suitably accommodates the project’s aims to scientifically and clinically test the hypothesis that the HOAX artworks could lead to positive behaviour change around mental health.


Watch the staged-for-film performance of HOAX My Lonely Heart (2017) here



Dark stage musical
Written by Ravi Thornton
Directed by Benji Reid
Composed by Minute Taker
Studied (Mental Health Stigma) by Professor Paul French and the Psychosis Research Unit
Performed by Christopher Tendai, Eleanor Griffiths and Danny Solomon
Produced by Ziggy’s Wish
Supported by Arts Council England and Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
Accompanied by the graphic novel HOAX Psychosis Blues
Toured across the north of England, Spring 2017



National Lottery Good Causes 2018 (finalist)
National Lottery Good Causes 2017 (nominated)
Arts Councils England Strategic Touring Programme 2016 (awarded)



Audience member.

“I wanted to give you some overheard feedback. I was in the toilet after the show and heard a girl crying. She told her friend that at the beginning of the performance that she thought it wasn’t going to be for her and she wasn’t enjoying the opening song. But by the end she was profoundly moved and couldn’t stop crying.”