Here’s all the formal stuff about me:

I’m a highly experienced, adept and adaptable writer, involved in extensive exploration of storytelling across multiple platforms.

I love writing fiction for the sake of fiction. However I’m also keenly interested in narrative-design, narrative-psychology, narrative-environment, narrative-architecture and narrative-innovation for socio-economic benefit; and am pragmatic about trying to achieve, and help others achieve, this.

I’ve won many awards and nominations, include Comica Top Ten British Graphic Novels, Lottery Good Causes Award, HSJ Awards, Medicine Unboxed Creative Prize, Barry Reckord Bursary Award, Broken Frontier Award, Best Debut Book, Bram Stoker Award, Observer Graphic Short Story Prize, Comics in Education Graphic Novel of the Year, British Comic Awards Best Book.

As Founder and Managing Director of Ziggy’s Wish Ltd, I developed Applied Narrative Technology to focus on the strategic use of narrative in scientific research projects, in order to effect positive behaviour change. As such I lead on a number of large scale, intersectional narrative engagement projects, including the multi-award-winning mental health, technology and arts project HOAX.

I’m an active advocate of polyphonic collaboration, and sit on University of Nottingham’s Research Priority Area Management Board for Language, Texts and Society; as well as University of Manchester SENSE-Cog’s Scientific Advisory Board and Innovation Board.

What else…

I’m a big fan of greyhounds.